How We Work

Our process is a flexible framework that adapts, evolves and responds to your needs. We are 100% Agile


We will understand the client's product vision and what the client desires to achieve from the project.

Product Backlog

A list consisting of all the features required to develop the product is created. The list items are prioritised on the basis of their importance and business value, so valuable product features are developed first, followed by less important ones.


A few important features are selected from the product backlog, at a time, and developed in product incremental cycles known as sprints. During the sprint cycle, product features are developed, tested, documented, and made "shippable".

Business Value

Working functionality in the form of deployable product features is delivered to the client at the end of each sprint. The client acquires ROI in the form of business value contained within the features.


The entire development process is analyzed and brainstorming sessions are carried to improve the work process to make it more efficient, focused, and productive. This is done at the end of each sprint and is repeated with each sprint until the entire product is developed.

Product Release

When sufficient features are developed in the Sprints, a workable, tested and bug-free product is deployed to the client.

  • - Why Agile Development
    • Respond dynamically to changes taking place in the product design even while the development process is going on, and incorporate those changes immediately in the workflow so a product having high business value (investment returns) can be developed.
    • Deliver working functionality to the client in a timed and orderly manner.
    • Constantly improve the work process so more reliable and efficient product features can be developed.
    • A cross-functional development team helps to save upon project overheads since one developer is skilled in other developmental activities as well.

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